IT Project Manager

Belgrade, Serbia

We are a Belgrade based team creating products that evolve traditional approaches in the different phases of clinical trials and enable implementation of more sophisticated engineering processes. Our team consists of experts working on the full life cycle of product development - from initial scoping, competition analysis, user testing, all leading to software development. We are focused on long term products that allow for fast, accurate, independent adjudication of clinical events in compliance with regulatory requirements regulating clinical trials within all therapeutic areas. By streamlining a variety of use cases, types of data, phases and locations we are working on improving stability, efficiency and safety of clinical trial processes. Our key focus is creating architecture for a scalable and communicable product that flexibly uses many solutions, cumulating strength and usability of the whole product suite.

Together with our partners we are working on solving problems that will enable a more efficient, synergetic, fast and secure clinical trial process.

We are looking for a Project Manager to lead and support our delivery process. Working with us you will be able to support our teams in a successful delivery of solutions to our clients. You will utilize your people skills to proactively resolve any issue before it becomes one. Working between product, design and engineering in understanding project requirements, you will be a key person in enabling successful delivery.

Key responsibilities:

  • Planning of project resources and activities for successful delivery
  • Working with our delivery team, enabling them to be aligned and motivated in moving forward project
  • Responsible for deadlines, and timely delivery of deliverables
  • Make sure our project documentation is managed and held properly
  • Responsible for risk analysis and proactive anticipation of potential risks
  • Keeping stakeholders in loop and informed on progress and potential roadblocks
  • Strong orientation towards understanding client needs

Qualifications and competencies

  • Have work knowledge in using project management tools and processes (like Jira or other)
  • Have 3+ years of relevant experience in IT industry and understanding of software development practices
  • Previous experience of working with Scrum processes and/or Kanban
  • Good understanding of best practices in software development
  • Good understanding of cloud-based services
  • Good understanding of programming languages and frameworks

At the core of our vision is one goal, and that is creating end-to-end products that enable our clients to focus on what they do best - discover novel types therapies. As a strongly focused, distributed team we are driven by enthusiasm for working on cutting edge solutions and problems. We are led by problems we must solve to enable our clients amazing breakthroughs in clinical trial phases. If you want to join our mission driven team working on enabling faster improvements in drug discovery send us your CV.

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