Backend developer (Ruby)

Beograd, Serbia

About us: 

  • We are a remote team creating software that manage the different phases of clinical trials.
  • Our team consists of experts working on the full life cycle of product development
  • We focus on flexibility, our platform allows almost any configuration, covering client needs without additional development efforts, while following strict industry regulations. 
  • Our platform is used by doctors, nurses, managers, and many other roles all over the globe to manage clinical trials led by world-famous pharmaceutical companies.

Here is how we work:

  • We are fully remote. This means you get to do your own schedule no matter the timezone. 
  • We follow agile practices but adapt them to fit the company and team needs.
  • The team you will be joining has around 20 developers, some focused on Frontend or Backend, but most doing full-stack (We encourage and give the resources and mentorship to learn a new stack).
  • Feature development is done in a cross functional teams up to 5 people
  • Apart from developing features for clients, we also keep up to date with latest technologies by dedicating time for refactoring. 

Duties and responsibilities/what you’ll be doing:

  • Write testable and readable code
  • Perform code reviews to spread your knowledge and learn from others
  • Collaborate with others on the team and suggest how we can work together better
  • Continuously improve our code and product quality
  • Understand clinical processes and trials, using this knowledge to build better solutions

Qualifications and competencies:

  • Previous experience working as Backend Engineer/Developer
  • Solid understanding of Ruby
  • Proficiency with Rails
  • Experience with Rspec or Minitest in writing meaningful tests
  • Good communication skills and proficiency in both spoken and written English
  • Ability to find the balance between ideal code and working code
  • Ability to differentiate badly designed system from good one
  • Excellent self-organization skills and work autonomy
  • Curiosity and motivation to learn, with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving

We think it is a plus if you are familiar with:

  • TypeScript and React
  • Backbone
  • Gitlab CI
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • Trailblazer
  • You are interested in expanding your knowledge of clinical processes and trials
  • You have background in biotech or related industries
  • You have international work experience
  • You have ambition of growing into a team leader and/or software architect 

Company benefits:

  • Flexible working hours with 100% remote work
  • 3 weeks of paid time off
  • Paid self-learning time
  • Paid online courses
  • Being a part of fast-growing med-tech industry

Join our team as we push boundaries and bring innovation in the field of life sciences. At the core of our vision is one goal, and that is creating end-to-end products that enable our clients to focus on what they do best - discover novel types therapies. As a strongly focused, distributed team we are driven by enthusiasm for working on cutting edge solutions and problems. We are led by problems we must solve to enable our clients amazing breakthroughs in clinical trial phases. If you want to join our mission driven team working on enabling faster improvements in drug discovery send us your CV.

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